Customized and personalized boxes for chocolates

Seasonal designs

Cardboard boxes for sweets and chocolates with a wide variety of seasonal designs. Customizable packaging with your logo that you can purchase in small quantities.
Have fun combining!

Cajas de cartón fabricadas con materiales sostenibles sin renunciar al estilo, para que tu compromiso con el planeta sea también bonito.

Eco Line

Cardboard boxes made with sustainable materials without sacrificing style, so that your commitment to the planet is also beautiful.
Customizable packaging with logo in small quantities.


Present, display and transport your products, making baskets and assemblies to complement and enhance your items. You have several models of baskets for products to choose from, some of them customizable.
Turn your product into a gift!

Nuestras cajas para bombones atemporales, con una gran cantidad de modelos, tamaños y colores a escoger. Podrás personalizarlas desde pequeñas cantidades

Our classics

Our timeless boxes for chocolates, with a wide range of models, sizes and colors to choose from. You will be able to customize them from small quantities. Ideal for corporate use throughout the year, adding a more elegant touch to your packaging.

Packaging de cartón para macarons, de tres modelos distintos


Cardboard packaging, with three different models, several sizes and a wide variety of colors to choose from, for a delicate item such as the macaron.
All of them with transparent lid.

bolsas y accesorios los complementos ideales a tu packaging

Bags & Accessories

You will find the ideal complements to your packaging in this section. Let the small details give the final touch to your products.

packaging caja estuche o envase fabricante de cajas en Barcelona trabajamos para crear el envase óptimo para tus productos la caja personalizada

In the world of chocolates it is essential that they are accompanied by a packaging, box, case or container that reaches and seduces the consumer, so that the pleasure of tasting them begins with the sight. That is why in Evaristo Riera, manufacturer of boxes in Barcelona, we work to create the optimal packaging for your products, the customized box that we believe will be a mark of identity for your company. With it, customers will have chocolates or chocolates presented and protected in a totally customized and personalized box. We manufacture cardboard boxes for chocolates, as well as cardboard boxes for chocolates or custom boxes for sweets, macarons.

The boxes you can find in our catalog are just a sample of what we can do for you, in Evaristo Riera, as a box manufacturer in Barcelona, we can manufacture almost any type of packaging you can imagine. In addition, we will create unique and the most suitable boxes for your products. Custom cardboard boxes in any size and format, to fully meet the packaging needs of your company.

packaging de pruebas para que elijas la que más de adapte a tus necesidades. Cualquier diseño que desees nos da pie igualmente a facilitarte packaging de otros formatos de interés

You can contact us to let us know what you have in mind and we will present you with a series of test packaging for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Any design you wish, we can also provide you with packaging in other formats of interest for different occasions. We have at your disposal a range of very original boxes of chocolates, in the most varied presentations, and of course, customizable with your brand. Our customized cardboard boxes for chocolates are the best way to give something sweet as a gift.

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