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Discover a new dimension in the world of personalized packaging with Encaja.

Encaja is much more than just an extension of Evaristo Riera; it is a creative universe where your ideas take shape and become unique and memorable packaging. With a wide range of design options, quality materials and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here to bring your packaging projects to fruition.

Catalog descriptions

Our packaging catalog includes all those boxes we manufacture for candies and chocolates, whether they are models with seasonal designs or our timeless line, all of them customizable in small quantities. A wide variety of styles for all tastes, where you can choose design, color, finish and size.

Window dressing and seasonal decorations. The ideal complement to present your products in an elegant and trendy way. Have fun bringing your products to life and create an attractive window display for your customers according to your business.

The ribbon catalog ranges from fancy ribbons with seasonal motifs and designs to plain ribbons that you can use all year round.

All of them presented in convenient rolls of about 23 meters, depending on their width and most of them with side wire strands to make the bows an easy task.

The gift wrapping papers we present come in rolls of 70cm wide and 50 meters long and you can also choose from a selection of seasonal designs or our plain ones.

If you are looking for a simple, colorful and easy box, in small quantities and without personalization, maybe you should take a look at our Chocobox catalog, ideal for chocolates and small sweets.

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