Christmas Preparations 2023 Trends in Packaging and Decoration with Evaristo Riera

Christmas Preparations 2023: Trends in Packaging and Decoration with Evaristo Riera

While the sun still shines bright, and beaches are the favourite vacation place, in Evaristo Riera we are immersed in the “mood”, foreseeing/envisioning Christmas arrival.

With the same passion and dedication as always, we are in full preparation for our Christmas campaign 2023, and this year it promises to be unforgettable.

We are excited to show the novelties we have designed for you from boxes and packaging products with unique and exquisite details to original/trendy ribbons that reflect the spirit of the season.

The decoration collection is a reflection of the current trends, we offer you the best ideas with a distinguished touch for you to personalize your gifts and shop windows this Christmas season.

 Are you ready to discover what we have for you? All our packaging proposals, boxes, ribbons, papers, and decorative materials are already available for you! Each piece has been cautiously selected and designed to amaze and enchant.

As we all know, each person has its own style, so we invite you to find your own in Evaristo Riera.  Are you a classy lover of golden and red colours? Or do you prefer the Nordic minimalism?  Maybe you’re leaning towards glam glitz …or you simply are looking for more sustainable options for an eco-friendly Christmas. Whichever your choice is, we have something special for you.

So, while summer draws to its end, we invite you to enter in this early Christmas magic with Evaristo Riera. Because it’s never too early to start dreaming and preparing the most magical celebration of the year.

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