Manufacturers of cardboard boxes since 1871

History of Evaristo Riera

Evaristo Llorents i Llopart Ana Camprodon I Casalí e hijos Fundaron la Casa


Evaristo Llorents i Llopart
Ana Camprodon I Casalí and sons
Founded the house


For more than a century they were located
in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona

Durante más de un siglo situados en pleno barrio gótico de Barcelona.
Se ofrecen diseños inovadores para cajas exclusivas de sombreros, guantes, medias y bombones



Innovative designs are available of exclusive boxes
for hats, gloves, stockings and chocolates


Evaristo Riera, María Villalonga and sons Evaristo y Margarita”
Grandchild of Evaristo Llorens” 3rd and 4th generation

Evaristo Riera, María Villalonga y fills Evaristo y Margarita”Nieto de Evaristo Llorens”3ªi 4ª generación
El exito de la calidad de nuestros productos es el cariño y el saber hacer de nuestros empleados


The success of the quality of our products is based on the affection and the knowledge of our employees


Mr. Evaristo Riera enlarges the manufacture of boxes
with the introduction in Spain of many new decorative articles

El Sr. Evaristo Riera amplia la fabricación de cajas con la introducción en España de muchos y novedosos artículos de decoración
Con el cambio de siglo y el relevo generacional la empresa inaugura su nuevo emplazamiento en L'Hospitalet


With the change of century and the generational change the company inaugurates its new site in L'Hospitalet


At present the export is a fundamental pillar
of the future of our company

En la actualidad la exportación es un pilar fundamental del futuro de nuestra empresa

What packaging do we manufacture?

Small and medium production of packaging, lined boxes and folding carton for all types of sectors, with special emphasis on packaging for chocolate and pastry.

Manufacturing strategy

In order to satisfy the demand of boxes, tapes and other products for our customers, it is essential to be able to give truthful information of the time of service to our customers.
During our long history in the sector of the manufacture of lined cartons, we have always been clear that our main objectives are: to give our clients a maximum quality in our boxes, ribbons, articles for showcases and decoration, to offer them originality every season, as well as a tailor made service.



Evaristo Riera in Barcelona since 1871

Manufacturer of boxes since 1871, cardboard boxes we manufacture lined cardboard boxes for confectionery, bakery and all kinds of customized packaging for product presentation


Carretera del Mig, 62 08907
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Tel. +34 93 337 37 92