Personalized and custom cardboard boxes

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Cardboard boxes are one of the main resources to give a first image of your company. It is necessary to take into account that the packaging is the most important to show and protect your products. However, many times we spend a lot of time looking for some kind of box that fits our needs and we did not find this perfect cardboard box for us. Look no further for your carton, believe it!

With us you will no longer have to worry about finding this perfect box, you will not have to worry about the size, the finishing or the style of this, because you will tell us how you want the box. In Evaristo Riera we have a great experience making customized boxes, therefore, we can make the personalized box that you ask us, you decide the size, the color, the finishing and we manufacture your carton with the characteristics and measures that you need.

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We are professionals at manufacturating and customizing of packaging and personalized cardboard boxes. We offer you personalized boxes with whatever you want and need.
We can do everything you imagine, boxes with matt finish, gloss or varnish. Adding also relief, stamping in gold or silver ... We offer all formats and all the finishes on the market. The packaging is the inaugural image of the company and therefore defines the first impression of the customer, this makes it very important to have personalized carton boxes in your company, you will improve your image and thus you can better customer loyalty.

At Evaristo Riera we have a wide variety of Packaging, we offer all kinds of carton boxes. We put at your disposal a catalog of cartons, accessories and gift boxes so that you can choose the type of packaging you need, in this you can find boxes of all colors, sizes and finishes. If you do not find what you are looking for, we can manufacture your custom packaging!

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Collapsible boxes

We have a great experience in making customized folding boxes, for use in pastry, confectionery, chocolates, promotional and any type of product.

fabricante de cajas rigidas forradas de tela

Rigid boxes

The rigid boxes offer a variety of shapes and sizes adaptable to the needs of the product. Made of two pieces, cover and base are manufactured in rigid board from 600gr to 1250gr lined in 120gr paper. With various optional embossing. This box model offers maximum strength Without printing limits, these boxes are printed on offset printing machines, which allow the use of flat and four-color inks, offering a high quality printing result, combined with high-end finishes as hot stamping, serigraphic varnishes and selective varnish UV inks on coated and cellulose papers with different embossing and textures in matt or glossy laminate finishes.

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Types of boxes





Box and background


fabricante de cajas estilo cofre de carton para ibericos alimentacion

Paper types

Our boxes offer a great variety of qualities of paper and color, respecting its corporative image, the boxes can be customized with different finishes and qualities.




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