Gift wrapping paper

packaging personalizado y dentro de sus productos más destacados se encuentra el papel para envolver

Personalized papers

Evaristo Riera is a manufacturer of customized packaging products and among its most outstanding products is the wrapping paper, offering a total customization that will differentiate your brand at first sight.

If you want an image and corporate identity that demonstrate professionalism in the packaging and presentation of your products, you can choose from a diverse range of finishes and qualities, whether coated, metallic, embossed, polypropylene, and others, in a wide variety of colors.

Seasonal papers

All the details are important, that's why in Evaristo Riera, box manufacturers in Barcelona, we help your packaging to be excellent, taking care of each gift wrapping paper in an attractive way.

Seasonal gift wrap designs are a great way to add a festive and thematic touch to your gifts during different times of the year. You can choose from a wide range of wrapping paper in different colors, textures and fancy designs depending on the time of the year, Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day, either for batches or boxes.

Wrapping your products in plain colored or themed paper not only makes the gift visually appealing, but also shows that you have put time and effort into the presentation of your packaging. It’s a lovely way to add a special touch to your gifts and surprise your customers.

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