Luxury gift boxes and packaging

At Evaristo Riera we have always dedicated ourselves to luxury packaging and boxes, adapting to changes in tastes and products at all times, luxury is not static, it changes over the years depending on the moment and also the product, it is a continuous evolution to which Evaristo Riera as a manufacturer we have adapted. In all these years we have gone from the most ornate and baroque tastes, where luxury was to put everything and more, until today where discreet, delicate and detailed design is the ideal.

High-quality packaging design has that capacity for change that has been seen over the years and this does not stop here, we are constantly evolving, driven by all the digital technology that we will see as time goes by. now with the metaverse world.

At Evaristo Riera we are manufacturers of high-quality luxury packaging and boxes. Our boxes, papers and ribbons will enhance the personality of your brand, with sustainability, social and ecological responsibility as a badge.

luxury custom lined boxes

Having luxury as our identity in our boxes, whether they are chocolates or other products such as fashion, accessories, jewellery, what we prioritize when manufacturing is always quality, with first-class materials and processes, exclusivity and creativity with Evaristo Riera’s own designs and of course sustainability, using materials and processes with ecological and social responsibility.

We are aware that our boxes are often, if not always, the first contact with the customer and they expect this experience as part of the purchase.

Everything is part of a good packaging strategy, whether for direct sales of luxury products or online sales, packaging is part of the emotional experience, we could say of the ritual.

And it is not easy to develop good packaging for luxury products since it must fulfill many functions, in addition to being a container and protector of the product, it must transmit brand values, differentiate itself from others, attract attention, be creative and functional, ecological and of course it is productively and technically possible as well as fit your budget.

luxury custom lined boxes

Sometimes when a packaging strategy is carried out, graphic designers are hired who present the brands with boxes with wonderful designs and shapes that, when it comes to producing, are totally impossible to manufacture due to technical difficulties or are very expensive in the process. That is why we advise you to hire design professionals who are experts in boxes, we will help you throughout this process and advise you; It’s about finding what suits you best. And remember, sometimes less is more.

With all this revolution in packaging, especially in luxury, a new language has been created where words like GIFTING define the art and experience of giving a gift with all that it entails, not only the box but also the paper, the ribbon, the bag, the card, label and others that are part of that ritual that sets you apart so that the experience is unique.

At Evaristo Riera we have been dedicated to manufacturing personalized luxury boxes for many years, with two different lines. On the one hand, the boxes for chocolates or chocolates and sweets with two annual collections: spring-summer and autumn-winter. On the other hand, our brand ENCAJA, specialized in personalized packaging for any type of business.

In short, we have the perfect box for you, whatever your business, with a wide range of possibilities. Contact us here.

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