Personalized boxes for Christmas

Christmas is approaching and with it endless preparations, brands launch their campaigns knowing that a large part of sales are concentrated at this time of year, it is a perfect time to invest in personalized packaging, either to present new items or improve existing ones, if there is one thing that is clear to us, it is that today there is no campaign that does not give great prominence to packaging (lined cardboard boxes, personalized paper, ribbons with your corporate image, Christmas stickers) and it is so important that you can decide the success or not of a product.

At Evaristo Riera we manufacture and design your Christmas packaging according to your personalization needs, whether boxes, papers or ribbons.

Customized packaging can be made up of various parts (box, paper, ribbons) and must fulfill several important functions, such as highlighting your product from the rest, identifying with your brand, containing, protecting, satisfying and that is not easy, to achieve a good packaging there is a previous design and marketing work that must be well defined. It is about moving, transmitting and at Evaristo Riera we help you in the process, our 150 years of experience in the manufacture of boxes and packaging design speak for us.

personalized boxes for christmas products manufacturers logo advent calendar

At Christmas you can launch a special campaign, let yourself go and create a personalized, original packaging with new designs, formats or materials, you can bet on more sustainable materials for your packaging, or give an emotional message with texts and phrases that make you think or do something more original like custom advent calendars; today we find advent calendars for all kinds of products: chocolates, beauty products or even beer, a good idea to make your product a gift.

At Evaristo Riera we are aware of the importance of packaging in any business, we offer you a wide selection that you can see in our catalogs (boxes, papers, tapes), with different options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. packaging design and your needs, or if you prefer, we offer you the possibility of allowing yourself to be carried away by your creativity and present us with your ideas for your Christmas packaging, we will help you in the process.

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Are you looking for a packaging for your brand or are you looking for it only for Christmas?

Whatever your idea, we listen to you and advise you.

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