Packaging with 150 years of history

Boxes for chocolates, chocolates and pastries

In the world of sweets and chocolates, it is essential that they are protected in a suitable case or container. We offer you customizable boxes to present your chocolates and make their tasting start with the sight.

Window dressing and decoration

Decorating your store and having an updated storefront will define the customer’s first impression. In Evaristo Riera we manufacture customized window dressing, product presentation, equipment and decoration for stores.

Packaging papers

We offer you a wide range of gift wrapping paper for your business. Whether they are fancy, seasonal, or customized to make your customer’s experience complete.

Standard boxes (Chocobox)

In Chocobox we offer a wide range of products, with different variants and colors to satisfy all tastes, and we do it at an affordable price for all types of customers.

Packaging tapes

You will find in our catalog, a wide variety of models and sizes of ribbons that you can add to your packaging and give a distinctive touch to your products, either fancy or customized with your logo.

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