This year, Evaristo Riera is celebrating no more and no less than the 150th anniversary of its founding.

Very few companies are as lucky as we are to maintain the spirit with which they were established and fostered throughout three centuries, much less so to rely upon the fifth and sixth family generations in the lead, of which we are proud.

The box lining company established by Evaristo Llorens i Llopart has grown to adapt to market demands throughout a lifetime, always based under the principles of innovation, quality and service.

It was not until the 1960’s when the management lead by Evaristo Riera i Villalonga made the company a reference in the chocolate confectionary world.

Exclusive creations and a wide range of decoration items became a part of the company’s product catalog.

In the mid 1980’s the fifth generation joined management — Evaristo and Luisa Riera, who are currently at the helm. It was them who, from 2008 onwards, decided to focus on exportation as part of their business strategy.

It has been with the entry of the sixth generation, led by Jordi V. Riera, that we have aimed at satisfying the new packaging market needs by creating new brands:

  • Encaja: created with the aim of stepping forward and offering our services to other sectors with which we didn’t operate until today. To offer a sustainable product and the best advice are our fundamental pillars, which is why we provide endless possibilities to our customers, in order to create the packaging that most adapts to their needs.
  • Chocobox: an exclusive distribution of standard packaging items for chocolate confectionery, with an infinite range of possibilities.

Our gratitude to all our customers and suppliers and, especially, to our staff: without your fidelity and trust, the celebration of this 150th anniversary would not have been possible.

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